Are you searching for a new way to connect with your children? 

 Can you imagine if you could find a way that felt so easy, that allowed you to support your sensitive child as they navigate their way through each stage of their childhood and also helped you feel more confident and in control.

If you are here to find solutions that will take the daily struggle away and support your anxious little ones to become more confident in themselves you are in the right place and we have the way right here, working together with you.  

Welcome to the home of Mindful Monkeys® where our mission is to help families develop resilience together through conscious parenting that enriches the lives of our children. By supporting both parents and children together, using coaching and group education programmes, we help families reconnect and find new ways to work through conflict, deal with big emotions and grow stronger together, even when times are tough.

How We Help Families?

Coaching for Kids if you are looking to help your sensitive child with their big emotions and how to feel more confident in themselves then head on over to the Coaching for Kids page to find the support we can offer you now.

Mentoring for Parents do you want to understand how your own upbringing influences your parenting style today? Or simply to learn how to shout less and connect more, then we have a number of mentoring packages available for parents – find out more here

Do You Want to Get Involved?

Do you know deep down you want to work with children and families at a deeper level and make a real difference to their lives?

Are you an existing coach, therapist or family worker who has this inner calling to work in a new way to support our children?

Or are you a parent who wants to understand how to create conscious relationships with your own children, so life becomes more connected and less chaotic?

Head on over to our Mindful Monkeys® Better Together page for more info here

and you can download our Brochure right here Better Together Training Brochure August 2019

Mindful Monkeys® Better Together Programme for Schools

When delivered inside your school setting, our programme has the potential to support children and families targetted for additional support. Children who exhibit varying social and emotional behaviours, that impact on their readiness to learn, will benefit from this unique opportunity that they experience alongside their primary caregiver. During the six week programme, families discuss emotions, mindset, rupture/repair, communication and work together on building confidence through strengh-based exercises. 

Click here to find out how we can help you meet your family learning agenda and build capacity within your school.

“There is no single effort more radical in it’s potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.”

Marianne Williamson