Welcome to the home of Mindful Monkeys where we help create emotional resilience in anxious parents & children!


Do you want to learn how to create a sacred space at home?  Standing cropped

Perhaps learn how to juggle everything, being a mum, a breadwinner, a sister, daughter, aunty and run a house but still have deep and meaningful connections with your children?

Or you may want to learn how to deal with those personal triggers that have you shouting at your kids when you’d much rather be giving them a hug.

But what you do want is the best for your own child who is struggling to cope with their own level of anxiety and you’d love to feel empowered to help them at home.

You recognise in yourself that something has shifted. You are a parent to a sensitive child and you realise we need more people to acknowledge and let their kids feel what they need to feel without huge judgement. Our clever, kind and sensitive kids are also our solution to this very messy world we’ve managed to create.

We need to help them find balance and resilience through healthy self esteem. That’s my mission. 

I’m Lesley Fraser and I’m a life coach and mentor for families who want to create really strong foundations for a Mindful Life. A family life that feels calm, happy and as stress free as possible. Through my own personal transformation and my love for the mind/body connection, spirituality and my coaching, NLP & hypnosis training I offer a unique blend of coaching and mentoring which allows me to work with both children and parents to create that life you crave.

Welcome to my website where you will find more about MINDFUL MONKEYS my unique programme of workshops that help children deal with worries, anxiety, low self esteem and confidence. You’ll also learn more about my one to one work with children from my home in Dunfermline – see my Coaching for Kids page.

I also use my experience as a mummy, businesswoman, single parent caring for elderly parents to help you create a sense of balance and peace in your own home through my personal life coaching for parents. I hope you find everything you need here now and don’t hesitate to get in touch via this website or join me on Facebook.



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