We are in a bit of a transition right now at Positive Vibes as we are still in the process of creating Mindful Monkeys very own website and business direction. We will have the website live in the Summer of 2018 but until then you can find information about adult and kids coaching right here. It’s all very exciting as the energy is now right for new solutions!!

My mission is to help you and your children find much needed balance and resilience.

If you are a parent to a sensitive child head on over to the Coaching for Kids page to find out more of what we offer.

You’re in the right place you want to learn how to create a sacred space in your life?  Standing cropped

Or if you want to learn how to juggle everything, being a mum, a breadwinner, a sister, daughter, aunty and run a house but still have deep and meaningful connections with yourself and your children?

Or you may want to learn how to deal with those personal triggers that have you shouting at your kids and family  when you’d much rather be giving them a hug.

Or you may just want the best for your own child who is struggling to cope with their own level of anxiety and you’d love to feel empowered to help them at home.

The answer to all of these issues is right here. The bottom line is you recognise in yourself that something has shifted and you want to change. It could be the family dynamic, it could be the way to speak to your kids, it could be you’ve just had enough. You’re fed up being everything to everyone and are completely over being pressured into doing more.

Here is the home of realistic, useful, meaningful solutions for both you and your children.

I’m Lesley Fraser and I’m a life coach and mentor for people who want to create really strong foundations for a Mindful Life. A family life that feels calm, happy and as stress free as possible. Through my own personal transformation and my love for the mind/body connection, spirituality and my coaching, NLP & hypnosis training I offer a unique blend of coaching and mentoring which allows me to work with both children and adults to create that life you crave.

I also use my experience as a mummy, businesswoman and single parent caring for elderly parents to help you create a sense of balance and peace in your own home through my personal life coaching for adults. To find out more head over to Life Coaching/Mentoring page for details.

I hope you find everything you need here now and don’t hesitate to get in touch via this website or join me on Facebook.