Are You Brave Enough?


Do you know all it takes to change your life?…. a decision! That is all, no magic potion, no special mantra, just a straight forward decision! However, it’s the power behind that decision that dictates the likelihood of you ever facing the fear of change and tackling whatever it is that stands in your way of living the full, inspiring, down right freaking awesome life you truly deserve.

We all face certain choice points in our life. Those islands of possibilities, opportunities, circumstances that come around where you can choose to live differently, to take a different direction, perhaps a path less trodden?

I’ve had a few key parts in my life where I can look back and see how the choices I’ve made have resulted in changing the landscape of where I was heading. At the time, some seemed not so important but others I’ve had to knuckle down, take a deep breath and just bloody for go it! My last big choice point came in 2010. I vividly remember it and can visualise exactly where I was. It was a Monday night, about 6:15pm and we were getting ready to take my daughter to gymnastics. I say ‘we’ cause I couldn’t drive at the time and needed to rely on my partner to take us. I’d had a hysterectomy 5 weeks before and wasn’t able to drive which was driving me nuts! The phone rang and on the other end was the surgeon who had operated on me. He said the most awful words “I’m sorry but pathology have discovered it wasn’t a benign cyst as we thought but a Stage 1 Ovarian tumour”! Time kinda stood still for a moment and a myriad of thoughts and emotions ran through my head. Is he serious, this can’t be true, WTF is going on, I need to be normal in front of my daughter, I was so confused. I was already healing from a major operation and the prospect of another even bigger one was almost too much to face! That day changed the course of my life!

I remember being really angry and stamping my foot like a spoilt child “No!! I will not have this, this is not going to be it, my life is going to be bloody amazing from now on in – No More Excuses!” I won’t dwell on the next 6 months as they were tough both mentally and physically but what I will say is that decision I made drove me forward and has done so ever since. I knew deep in my soul that my life had to be different, had to be meaningful, had to be full of the stuff I wanted to do.

Now just because you make that decision and set the intention for the rest of your life to be awesome doesn’t mean it’s all going to be plain sailing. Far from it. Since that fateful day in 2010 I’ve been through marriage, divorce, redundancy, 2 house moves and major family disharmony to name but a few! Life is always going to present you with so many things to throw you off course. Things will test your resolve, sometimes to the extreme. That’s not something you can sanitise yourself from and I personally wouldn’t want that. Without lows there can be no highs, without dark there can be no light. What does change, however, is your ability to roll with the punches, to bounce back from those life events that in the past would have given you cause to grumble and perhaps take on a bit of that victim mentality that has a tendency to hold us back.

Grabbing those choice points by the short and curlies takes guts. So I had to be brave, to step up and know deep down that I deserved better. I didn’t settle for anything, including my second marriage that only lasted 18 months! I worked hard on ridding myself of the baggage that had kept me in the low level vibration that had been playing out in my life. I stopped feeling guilty, I forgave myself and others and I actively sought out the things that gave me joy and inspired me.

I went to workshops, I read books, I confided in my closest friends and I became physically and mentally stronger and was brave enough to be vulnerable and let down some of those invisible barriers I had built around myself. The real Lesley is funny, cheeky, sexy, confident, tenacious, a force to be reckoned with but I’d allowed life to lessen my sparkle. I’d covered my inner glow with layers of protection for the fear of being hurt. I learned how to play small.

That fateful choice point in 2010 changed that! I’d always been interested in self development and pursuit of meaning and purpose but the biggest change came when I got my own coach and mentor and really invested in me. I  felt so supported that I was able to work on my biggest issues in a nurturing and safe environment and knowing someone has your back and is holding that energetic space for your to grow is so empowering!

If you are reading this then you, too, are interested in self development and pursuit of something greater than ourselves. Ask yourself are your brave enough to make that change or does the fear of change cripple you? Don’t wait until you get ‘that’ call or reach the depths of despair to know you deserve more. I’m asking you to be brave, to allow yourself to see how amazing life can be if you let it in!

Get support, confide in friends, hire a coach who ‘gets’ you and what you are going through but most importantly MAKE THE DECISION.

Your future self just stood up and applauded you!

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