Christmas Gift!

Christmas BlogJust a really short blog to say Thank You and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. 🎄

For many people this time of year brings up so many memories and really strong emotions that we sometimes feel its not worth all the effort. We get caught up in the expectation of it all and our ‘should’ list becomes enormous! For those people who are suffering I offer you love from my house to yours and send a message to say you are not alone and I know sometimes admitting how you feel is the hardest thing but you won’t regret it. Make time this Christmas to take a step back and observe your loved ones. Notice how they play or joke with one another and feel a great connection with them from your heart to theirs. All of this can be done silently without any need for forcing anything. Allow the joy of Christmas to unfold and see that the Magic is in the Mess! The dishes, wrapping paper and presents lying around can wait so please, for a short while, just take in all that is good.

For those feeling the immense pressure of expectation and meeting the deadline of Christmas I salute you for getting this far! We all feel it, including myself, but it’s a false representation of what’s really important. This year I am more interested in being with my parents after a very difficult year for them both health wise, I am grateful they are still here. I can’t wait to spend time with my daughter who, before I know it, will be away off doing her own thing in some other part of the world no doubt. Yeh, there will be high emotions and stroppy words but that’s not really what’s going on. We’re making memories and feeling deep love that cannot be replaced. Now that, for me, is that Christmas is really all about.

To all my clients thank you so much for your custom over the last three years. It makes me immensely proud to work with both adults and children to make their lives easier,  more meaningful where we foster closer relationships with those we love.

I am also very realistic and know that changing the energy and emotions you may be feeling can, at times, be difficult so I’ve created a short meditation which you are free to use. I originally recorded it really quickly for a few of my clients and they have benefitted so much I thought I’d share it with you all at this time. So feel free to use it as and when necessary. It’s only a short one but will really make you feel so much more grounded, calm and somehow lighter than before.


I hope you have a wonderful time over the festive period and I’ll see you all again in 2017.

Much love,