How to Be Less Sensitive in 4 Easy Steps


Diana, Princess of WalesHands up if you like a wee cry at a good movie. And hands up if you are partial to taking things personally and feeling deeply moved by something that is happening to someone else.

I used to call myself the world’s biggest cry baby and my daughter would often be heard saying “oh my god, you’re not crying again are you!” Ha Ha! I love a good old cry, it’s such a great release and 9 times out of 10 I instantly feel so much better and lighter somehow. Feeling all our emotions, really connecting with them and letting them go is such a healthy practice to get into. But what happens if you are a compassionate and kindhearted soul who seems to pick up on everything that’s going around you?

I used to think that being sensitive was a curse until I realised how to protect myself from other people’s emotions or toxic places or things. I now see my sensitivity as a wonderful asset and a huge sign of strength as I learn not to toughen up and cover my heart to the harshness of life. Being mindful, taking a step back and seeing/hearing what is actually going can be a new way to interpret situations that you may have allowed to continue for years. This new perspective has the capacity to literally change your life but it’s not always something that comes readily to people. It’s a learned process, an adaption to your daily conscious living and to step out of the drama takes practice and support.

I’ve listed four really easy steps that will help you begin to deal with those deeply felt emotions and see how you can take the initial steps to change yourself:

  • Stop the TV – do you realise just how much anxiety and fear is borne out of watching the news? Seriously, I stopped watching the news a few years ago and I didn’t realise the wonderful impact it would have on me until I did. Try it for a week and see how you feel? Also consider what other things you watch on TV (just cause you always have) that really don’t add to any sense of calm but just add to the drama going on around you.
  • Start Your Day Smart – even just recognizing first thing in the morning that there will be times in the day that are going to push your buttons means you will be less anxious when they arise. See yourself being calm in these situations is so useful and being prepared is half the battle.
  • Consider the Source – ask why is the situation or person annoying you? If someone is criticising you, can you consider that not all feedback is negative? But also remember any criticism defines who THEY are and not who you are. You always have a choice whether to buy into their story or not. For some people or situations it may be easier to cut them out?
  • Stop Criticising Yourself. We can easily get caught up in our own internal dialogue about how useless we are, then we add some more mental drama and it becomes more than it actually is! Allowing yourself to feel the emotion that you are sensitive to them move on. Burying our emotions just leads to ill health and anxiety and nobody got time for that! We got to feel it to heal it!

We are living a human experience and if we want to live an amazing, authentic and joyful one we need to get better at dealing with our emotions. We need to be ok with our own and show love, kindness and compassion for others when they are dealing with theirs.

First things first though, let’s all learn how to smarten up about how to deal with our own emotions and not toughen up!

Big hugs from one sensitive soul to another.