Coaching for Kids

Does Your Child Suffer from:

  • anxiety and finds social situations overwhelming at times
  • overthinking and worries about things disproportionate with their age
  • an inability to switch off and has a vivid imagination (which can be both a blessing and a curse! 🙈)
  • the need for certainty of future events and doesn’t handle change very well
  • attachment issues with one/both parents causing logistical nightmares if that parent needs to be elsewhere
  • the need to check and recheck things
  • being unable to settle themselves to sleep, fall asleep in their own bed or stay there all night

All of the above issues are not uncommon in the little ones that I work with so don’t despair there are lots of things I can do to help.

The following video gives you an essence of what I aim to show your child. I believe in helping our little ones grow and develop into confident, resilience adults who have a great sense of who they are and how they can navigate their way round this crazy, mad but still brilliant world we live in.

I am absolutely passionate about helping our young, sensitive children learn about their own minds and how to deal with their emotions. Mindful Monkeys is not about purely teaching your child mindfulness, however, it is one of the many aspects I can build into any approach that I use.

Although each child is unique the framework for ages 5-9 will involve, playing, story telling and generally having fun whilst I use my skills in coaching, NLP and gentle hypnotherapy that allow change to happen with ease.

If your child is aged 9 and over we can talk more about mindset and how our brains operate. As described in the video above, we discuss their amazing mind and it helps and hinders them in their day to day lives. Kids LOVE the science behind their body, mind and soul so this part is so much fun!

How Can I help?


In my 1to1 work with children I see them face to face with their parents present and the sessions are usually carried out in my purpose built log cabin in my garden that the kids just adore!

It’s a great space to be able to really get together and understand how they are constructing their issues and slowly work with them to show them how to let go of the worries and reconnect with their own innate sense of wellbeing. Using a combination of approaches, well have a whole load of fun and an enjoyable experience for both the child and the parent. Depending on the specific issues the child is experiencing, I can  provide a number of bedtime stories via MP3 for them to listen to at night, further reinforcing the healing/therapy they will already have received face to face.

I offer FREE coaching assessments for parents to speak to me personally so we can decide together what the best course of action is. I’ve attached a direct link to my diary so feel free to set up a call for us to have a chat?

Book aged 7-12 here:

Kids Coaching Free Assessment Call (up to age 12)

If you are enquiring about a teenager please use this link:

Teens Coaching Free Assessment Call

You can also contact me by email at or pop over to Facebook and find me there!