Mindful Monkeys

MINDFUL MONKEYS – Kirkcaldy April 2018

  • Does your young child suffer from anxiety which stops them living a carefree life?
  • Does your child use their vivid imagination to overthink things and create worries that don’t exist?
  • Do they fear what may happen when you are not around and find it increasingly difficult to settle at night?

Following my work with children over the last couple of years, I have created a program of 6 Workshops specifically designed for young 6-10 year old children who suffer from worry, anxiety, sleep issues, low self esteem and lack of confidence.

Mindful Monkeys was created as a direct result of seeing an increased need for an alternative way to support both children and parents. This program is a new solution to the very real issues affecting our little ones who are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with what our modern day life is putting in front of them. The NHS is unable to cope with the demand, some parents are reluctant to go down that route and are looking for a new way to help support their children.

The issues you face are very real. They affect day-to-day life and disrupt the whole family. And ultimately you are looking for some way for your children to know how amazing they are. But you are not sure exactly how?

The aim of this program is to support both the parents and the children at the same time. The children AND one parent are invited to attend all of the 6 sessions together so they can experience the transformation at the same time but also learn how to create strategies that will work at home.

The children will learn:

  • how to let go of things that are worrying them
  • how to take control of their feelings so they don’t feel overwhelmed
  • how to respond to worry & anxiety when they appear
  • how to relax through ‘quiet time’
  • how their mind works and how amazingly adaptable it is

Parents will learn:

  • strategies for using at home when worries & anxieties appear
  • how to recreate techniques at home so you feel more in control
  • language to use when your child may appear to be struggling with their emotions
  • how to manage your own self during the madness
  • how to relax through mindfulness
  • that you are doing a brilliant job already!!!!

As a single mum to my own sensitive child and using my skills as a coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I create a very safe, relaxed, open and caring environment for changes to take place but also for us to have fun!  These workshops use the techniques I use during my 1to1 sessions with my young clients (and their mummies) and will involve storytelling, NLP for children, imaginative play and mindfulness. It will be so much fun, the children love it and it won’t feel like work at all!

When you sign up you commit to coming along to the full Programme of  6 weekly 75 minute sessions.  We have just launched our next phase of evening workshops in Dunfermline starting at 6:45pm until 8pm. The start date for Kirkcaldy is Thursday 17th May 2018 and will run every Thursday thereafter for 6 weeks.

The cost of this in-depth and unique programme is £297 with early bird tickets available until the end of March 2018. All monies are due to be paid in full at time of booking.

Further details and ticket info is available here:

The whole programme includes:

– a 60 minute phone call with me to explore the current situation of your child & the challenges they may be facing

– all 6 x 75 minute workshops for you and your child

– email, facebook and txt contact with me for the whole period of the Programme should the need arise.

All of which equates to in excess of 9 hours of coaching time alone plus so much more support for the whole 6 Week Programme.

Numbers are strictly limited for this in depth and unique program so to secure your place please sign up as soon as possible.

Click this link for further details and ticket info: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/mindful-monkeys-ltd-14508630432

Selection interviews are an essential part of the sign up process so please use the link to find a suitable time to hop on a call to chat the whole programme through. It gives us time to discuss suitability of the workshops for your child’s specific needs so please find a slot in my diary below and we can get on a call to discuss:

Please feel free to contact me via email at connect@mindfulmonkeys.co.uk where I will pick up all my emails personally or alternatively txt/call me on my mobile 07988885178 should you have any questions.