Do you want to continue to feel frazzled every day?

Or would you rather learn how to enjoy this journey called parenthood?

Do you fear for your children’s future and their mental health?

So you’ve seen to the kids, they’re away to their friends or evening clubs but thankfully
the tea is done for another night. But wait, there is a mountain for washing and ironing and you’ve not even started on getting stuff ready to do it all again tomorrow! You feel like you are about to burst and not sure if you could take another ‘something’ to not go to plan and you’ll loose it at the kids again! Sound all to familiar? You really do want to keep your sh*t together but sometimes it just overflows.

Well not anymore, cause there is massive part of you that wants change and wants to feel more happy and balanced, less stressed.  You want to be able to juggle all those things you’re supposed to juggle as a parent.

You want to change because you love to read up on self development and all about the law of attraction or Mindfulness or are forever falling asleep to reading the next author from Hay House but never quite manage to put those insightful nuggets into practice in your own life. It just feel pretty illusive and as the picture shows, these books hold loads of clues to the magic that is already inside you.

Using my own personal transformation from stressed out corporate people pleaser to running my own successful coaching business, from twice married divorcee to being a really happy single mum for 4 years and healing myself from two brushes with cancer and not allowing any of that to define me, means I know exactly what it feels like to make personal change. It puts me right in the heart of knowing how it feels and the barriers we face. It also means I understand exactly what it’s like to have a coach/mentor by my side to help me and I reconnected with my own inner wisdom meaning I follow my intuition and make decisions with ease.

You may have already started on a more spiritual life and even begun your morning or evening rituals but then you berate yourself if that stops don’t you? Giving yourself another reason to throw the towel in and let those negative thoughts take over! Does your bedside table look a bit like this? Piled high with books to develop you?


Whilst some of the clues are in these books the real transformation happens right inside you!

Do you want to know how to raise your vibration to attract what you really want?

Is your heart set on living a mindful life but your emotions keep sabotaging it?

Do you want the best for your family and feel guilty for putting yourself first?

Have you had enough of just how stressed and difficult things feel right now?


Having a Life Coach allows you work through the things that have been holding you back from living a full life. A life where you don’t stand on the sidelines and watch everyone else achieve their dreams but you can achieve your goals alongside them. A life where you can feel happy every day knowing your kids are watching you create a really solid foundation to your own life so they can do the same.

Whether it be overcoming fear of failure, unhelpful or limiting thoughts and beliefs, together we’ll work out how you really want to feel every day and break down those barriers to achieving that. Achieved main through coaching, I will also use hypnosis and NLP where necessary so we break through those negative thought patterns and create a fulfilling life that inspires you every day.  I’m like that wee voice (sometimes not so wee!) always in the corner cheering you along!

Standing cropped

Life Coaching with me is for you:

  • if you’ve tried personal development books & workshops and still not managed to work it out?
  • have started a mindfulness practice but you actually feel worse
  • you set up plans to change and then revert back to how life was before, never quite getting ‘there’
  • you know you want to change but just don’t know how to or where to start
  • you’re fed up being a nice person but life still seems pretty crap
  • you want to learn how to run your own life YOUR way but not to the detriment of your kids/family
  • there is something missing in your life but don’t know what.

Want to know if this is for you?

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Want to know how to be happy from the inside out, look younger and feel great? Want to learn how to be mindful, not loose it with the kids every week and bring some joy back into your life?

I am a firm believer that challenges in life are here to strengthen us, to teach us lessons (some very painful) but its who become through these that counts. Sometime these can feel unsurmountable on your own and that’s where a life coach who has been there herself is invaluable.