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Is your child very clever with a vivid imagination? Are they highly sensitive and appear to have no ‘off’ switch? Or do they suffer from low self esteem and feel unable to stretch into their own uniqueness without fear of what others will sayConfused Little Girl?  If any of that sounds familiar and you are worried about your little munchkins read on as help is at hand.

Over the last few years I have been working with more and more children, raging from 5 – 12 who are wonderfully creative, clever and bright little people but who have somehow started worrying about stuff that they shouldn’t even have in their heads.

It might be their inability to go to sleep or stay asleep or they’re worrying unduly about friends/family or their routine changing without notice that has them climbing the walls. Or your concern could be how they are growing into themselves as they transition through our rigid education system that has you looking for help.

The following video gives you an essence of what I aim to show your child. I believe in helping our little ones grow and develop into confident, resilience adults who have a great sense of who they are and how they can navigate their way round this crazy, mad but still brilliant world we live in.

I am absolutely passionate about helping our young, sensitive children learn about their own minds and how to deal with their emotions. Mindfulness is one of the many aspects I can build into any approach that I use. Although each child is unique the framework for ages 7-9 will involve, playing, story telling and generally having fun whilst I use my skills in coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP to allow change to happen with ease.

If your child is aged 9 and over we can talk more about mindset and how our brains operate. As described in the video above we discuss the amygdala and role it plays in their day to day lives, along with other parts of their brain that are like roadmaps that they control. Kids love the science behind their body, mind and soul so this part is so much fun!

Does Your Child Suffer from:

  • anxiety and finds social situations overwhelming at times
  • overthinking and worries about things disproportionate with their age
  • inability to switch off and has a vivid imagination (which can be both a blessing and a curse! 🙈)
  • the need for certainty of future events and doesn’t handle change very well
  • attachment issues with one/both parents causing logistical nightmares if that parent needs to be elsewhere
  • the need to check and recheck things
  • being unable to settle themselves to sleep, fall asleep in their own bed or stay there all night

All of the above issues are not uncommon in the little ones that I work with so don’t despair there are lots of things we can do to help

How can I help?


In my 1to1 work with children I see them face to face with their parents present and the sessions are usually carried out in my purpose built log cabin in my garden that the kids just adore! It’s a great space to be able to really get down and understand how they are constructing their issues and slowly work with them to show them how to let go of the worries and reconnect with their own innate sense of wellbeing that they were born with. I use storytelling, NLP, coaching and, depending on their age, eyes open/closed hypnosis. It’s a whole load of fun and a very enjoyable experience for both the child and the parent. Depending on the specific issues the child is experiencing I will also provide a personalised story via MP3 for them to listen to at night, further reinforcing the healing/therapy they will already have received face to face. The feedback on this aspect of my work has been great as you can see from the testimonials below.

I offer FREE coaching assessments for parents to speak to me direct so we can decide if this is the best route for their precious cargo. I’ve attached a direct link to my diary so feel free to set up a call for us to have a chat?

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I also provide a program of unique workshops and the new Mindful Monkeys series is just about to start in Dunfermline. Please see click here MINDFUL MONKEYS WORKSHOPS to find out about the content and how you get yourself a ticket to join in the fun!

Don’t know about you but, as a parent myself, personal recommendations are so important when it comes to your children and also hearing what other parents have to say about their own experience. People often ask me why I do what I do but I think these testimonials speak for themselves……..

Here’s what Abi’s mum had to say about our time together:

My 7 year old was dealing with anxiety and worry which was affecting her life every day. I was looking for any way to help her and Lesley was recommended to me by a friend who’s daughter had seen Lesley previously with great success.

Lesley was brilliant, she made me feel completely as ease and explained everything before we attended the first appointment and really listened to all my concerns and took in the detail of Abi’s life. Lesley used techniques with my daughter which relaxed and opened her up, and helped her to realise that there were ways she could let these anxieties and worries out which then took them away. Since we finished working with Lesley my daughter has not struggled with worries in the way she did before. She talks about her worries, and writes them down and is evidently much more at ease. She has been given a great coping strategy which will help her going forward.

I would absolutely recommend working with Lesley, she was professional, well organised, caring and excellent with my daughter. I am so pleased that she was recommended to me and wouldn’t hesitate to pass her details on to someone else if I felt they needed the sort of help that she offers either for adults or for children.

Mum of Abigail, aged 7

I had the pleasure of working with Sean and his mummy who was having such a nightmare with his nightmares! I only needed to see him for two sessions……

My son was having nightmares every night. Often several times through the night which became very disruptive to the entire family. He needed someone in his room so he could sleep. His nightmares tended to follow the same story and however much we tried to reassure him nothing seemed to help.

I was recommended Lesley by a friend.  I contacted Lesley and we initially spoke for what must have been nearly an hour about how Sean was and what she could do to help. Lesley put me at ease and understood how difficult as a mother it was for me to ask for help with my son. Praised me for asking for help and asked me to bring him along for a session as soon as possible so we could relieve Sean of his nightmares. I was advised it might take more than one session and the sessions were to give control back to Sean if he had a nightmare.

Sean took to Lesley really well. She gave Sean techniques and tools to help him take control of his feelings if he gets a bit overwhelmed. As I was able to stay with Sean during the sessions Lesley encouraged me to take note of what she was doing and saying so that I could recreate the sessions at home.

I would absolutely recommend Lesley’s services! Lesley has given us control back and if Sean does have a nightmare we know how to cope with that. As a mother I know that I have given my son the help he needed and I’m just so pleased Lesley was there (and still is) for us.

Mum to Sean, aged 7


I first saw this next little girl Emily at Easter 2015, her mum has just given me this updated testimonial for you to read……..

Our daughter at age 8 was finding it difficult to sleep and was anxious about a few things with the most prominent being worrying about her gymnastics ability and being late for things.  These things seem small to an adult and we tried to reassure her constantly but after a few months things weren’t getting any better.  We were worried that her bubbly personality wasn’t so evident and she was losing confidence. Lesley was referred to us as someone she could talk to.

Lesley was so calm and welcoming.  She took us up to her gorgeous wooden cabin and let Em choose a blanket and sit in a fabulous comfy chair.  Letting Em makes these choices immediately put her at ease and feel in charge of the situation.  She had a wonderful ability to encourage Em to speak to her and made all her problems that seem small to us adults important and valued.  She taught Em a couple of techniques to help her deal with her worries.

After 10 months we go weeks at a time with no interruptions!!  Sleep can not be underestimated!  Over a year later we are still utilising some of the techniques we were taught and Em is now more confident to talk to us about her concerns as she grows up.

I would recommend Lesley’s services without reservation – and I have done already!

I asked Em recently what she would say about Lesley….”it was great”. “Why?”, I asked. “Because she helped me forget about things I was worrying about”.

Mum to Emily, aged 8



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