“I came to Lesley after meeting her a number of times at a local business networking group, I found myself drawn to her natural warmth and positive attitude. I know that I am capable of creating an amazing business and life, but there was something blocking me, and I knew that Lesley would be able to help me. After my sessions with Lesley I really started paying attention to what I was telling myself all along, and like a flash all the barriers and walls I had put up went away and I felt truly free, and I accepted myself for who I truly am. In the following weeks my business has boomed and I am attracting all the right clients and business partners, life has always been this perfect, but now I’m in the flow I realise it and its all coming my way!”

Julie Cowan, inspiring female Entrepreneur & Mum of 3

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the 121 coaching you have given me and your ‘Journey to Wellness’ workshop. When I came to see you I was very, very confused and upset, I was dealing with a huge amount of stress which was having a real impact on both my physical and mental state. I was at the stage where I couldn’t function, had lost all my self confidence, felt worthless and did not know what to do.

You have worked with me and given me to tools to look inside myself and discover what is really important to me. In this time I have learned to love myself and put myself at the centre of my world. I have had some very difficult conversations that I’d been trying to shy away from and I’ve stated my intentions to myself and to my family that I will no longer sacrifice myself to make life easier for them. I have grown stronger and more assertive and I am starting to feel like myself again but without the guilt I have been carrying about with me. I have forgiven myself for being a ‘career focused bad mother’ over the years and I have given myself thanks for working hard to provide for them.

I met you at a point in my life where I knew I had to make big changes, the big corporate world had sucked the life out of me and I was at rock bottom with no clue as to how I would pick myself up again.

The workshop was really useful, it made me realise that no-one is perfect, we all have problems, but regardless of what life throws at us we all have the ability to deflect the negative and stay true to ourselves. I loved the exercises, especially the piece on gratitude, I realised I really do not focus on the positive stuff as much as I should. I made a commitment to myself that I would turn my fear into excitement and step into my bubble to deflect any incoming negativity. Today has been a very positive day, and the best bit is I know that I can make every day like this!”

Donna Stevenson, now owner of 3 businesses & general kick-ass entrepreneur!!


“Before working with Lesley, I was frightened to move forward in my business. My main blockage was from an episode back in 2001 that hurt very deeply and I never regained the momentum back of being a high flier. Since Lesley helped me clear that blockage I feel empowered and energised to kickstart life.

I have never believed I was worthy of any success since 2001 but I now really passionately believe that here in 2015 everyone, women especially, should feel worthy of everything that they desire. I would say to all women if you have a dream, a desire, follow it! I’ve wasted 14 years wallowing in ‘why me’ when I could have been concentrating all my effort in fulfilling my life with positive efforts and energies

Donna Riseborough, established businesswomen running 2 businesses  & showing other entrepreneurs how it’s done!

I was recommended to Lesley by my daughter. My life had become unmanageable due to my lack of self esteem and my alcoholism. I was sceptical about what a life coach could be able to do for me.  Lesley has the ability to make you feel relaxed immediately and her treatment lodge has a calming earthy feel. Bright and airy but the burner gives of a warm glow and the rustic smell of pine, mingled with candles burning completes the ambiance for a pleasurable experience. I feel I have taken so much from Lesley’s coaching sessions that I have found I have been able to release a part of me that I have always suppressed. I have no idea how the hypnotherapy works but the improvement in my thoughts, my attitude to life and beginning my alcohol recovery it has all be put in place for me by Lesley. Don’t be sceptical as I was. Take it for what it is and embrace it. Some things cannot be explained. Just have faith and let yourself be guided by Lesley’s powers what ever they are and allow them to work for you as it did for me. “

Judith, Mum, Grannie & awesome artist from Fife

“After many failed attempts to loose weight I thought I’d give Lesley’s hypnotherapy a go. I was skeptical as I had been to a hypnotherapist before and wasn’t a great experience. However, Lesley was lovely and made me feel instantly at ease.  Her techniques are great and love that she teamed hypnosis with NLP and my own effort and determination. Every session was emotional but totally relaxing and I left positive every time. She has helped change my relationship with food and deterred me from my go to food. I haven’t touched it since and I feel better within myself and am seeing a difference weight wise. I have lost 1stone since seeing Lesley and am feeling great. I’d advise anyone to give her chance if you have anything in your life you want to improve.”

Update Oct 2014: weight loss now 2st 8lbs but more importantly loving life and happy has larry!
Kimberley Grant, fantastic make-up artist, kick-ass fashionista!


“I approached Lesley because I wanted to make a positive new start in an area of my life but I was having trouble doing this. After a discussion with Lesley we settled on a quick NLP technique to banish the old feelings and afterwards I felt great. Then it was up to her gorgeous little cabin for a hypnotherapy session to help me embrace the change and be more positive and less scared. I lay back on a comfy recliner with a big purple blanket and with the heat of the stove, warm sun on my face and sound of wind outside I happily passed the time while Lesley did her thing. Afterwards, I felt I could have floated back down the garden path! I was so relaxed and only then realised how much tension I’d been carrying in my shoulders which ached for a few hours which melted away. And next time the negative situation presented itself, I didn’t have all the old emotions to deal with. And generally I find myself smiling more, drinking a lot more water (Lesley’s top tip) and have less bad eating habits. I’m so grateful Lesley – I can’t believe what a difference you have made to my life in under an hour. I’ll be back!”

Jane, Edinburgh

“I just wanted to pass on some experiences, I have had since our Session at the end of January. I can’t begin to tell you how i felt after that hour of what seemed longer, word like calm, contented, focused, sense of purpose. Well that just how it felt and continued on and on. Boarded the flight to Sydney and had the most relaxing and energising sleep on a long haul flight ever, thank you for that. When I arrived home I just new I had to change things in my life and this is now the next step of my journey.  I am now building up a plan of action to slowly get fitter, change my eating habits and enjoy the new me.
Thank you so so much for helping me release this energy to start my new life with determination, energy, Happiness, contentment and above all believing in self. Lesley you truly have a gift, I encourage anyone who read this to sit down with Lesley and just BE!”

Ian, Wolli Creek, Australia

“I was lucky enough to be travelling with Lesley on a trip to New York where I received an impromptu NLP session, as Lesley only found out that I had issues with flying about 10 minutes before setting foot on plane! Amazing! Had none of my previous anxieties/issues – feeling sick, cold sweats, feeling like I’m falling and actually physically being sick – numerous times! There was one point on plane where there was bad turbulence but I closed my eyes and used the visuallisation technique Lesley suggested and I was fine, to my utter disbelief. I have flown once since and did not have any issues and it normally starts when I smell the fuel! Highly recommend this talented, lovely lady.”

Laura, Edinburgh